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Viewing Deleted Git Content

There’s two steps to see the contents of a file that has been deleted in git.

First, you need to know the tree-ish for the commit when it was deleted:

The tree-ish for the commit when it was deleted

git log -1 --pretty=%h -- the_dir/the_filename.txt

That asks for the latest log entry (-1) for the_dir/the_filename.txt and only outputs the `short'' commit id (--pretty=%h`). The branch is assumed to be HEAD, but you can specify that before the --. The -- is needed before the filename or git log will try to interpret it as a tree-ish.

Then simply show the content of the file in the commit immediately preceding that:

Showing the content of a file immediately before commit 'da9ccfd':

git show da9ccfd^:the_dir/the_filename.txt

Where the ^ asks for the commit immediately preceding the tree-ish it annotates for git show.